DUODECIM - Full length Album - Digipack - 2013


Image of DUODECIM - Full length Album - Digipack - 2013

DUODECIM, our first full length album explores the hidden faces of our super-heroes... In the process it hopes to shatter some of the rules and codes of traditional metal-core to bring you to an apocalyptic journey in 12 songs through the doubts and sins of the ones we call our saviours.

Influences of Architects, Oh Sleeper, August Burns Red and even Deftones can be felt throughout. The themes of the lyrics, variety of music style, epic orchestral elements, & eerie instrumentals combined with the overall heaviness of this album define the sound that is This Deafening Whisper.

Release Feb 18th 2013

01. Awakening
02. The Curse
03. Doves and Crows
04. Heavy Heart
05. Siren’s Strain
06. As Brails to the Mast
07. Embrace the Brawl
08. Deadly Antagonism
09. Unrest in Peace
10. Datura
11. Aesir to Mankind
12. Dealers of Safety